Breaking New Ground In Music

Breaking new ground in music

Dwight Whitworth and Company

For years it has troubled Dwight that churches have limited resources to help them find staff members. There are a few organizations that offer church staffing services, but they just receive resumes and vet candidates on a very clinical basis, not knowing the specific personality of the church and never personally meeting with the candidates they recommend.
— Dwight Whitworth and Company
From the initial perspective of our selection committee, we were hiring a “headhunter.” However, after seeing the energy put forth by Dwight and Debra to find out about our congregation through the time they spent talking with us and their participation in Sunday morning worship, they have become even more than trusted advisors. They have become friends in Christ who we know have God’s kingdom and our congregation in their hearts.
— Search Committee Chairman - Ohio

I am now expanding our pairing!

I now help churches find - Senior Pastors, Worship Pastors, Music Directors, Youth Pastors, Children's Pastors, Children's Music Pastors and Executive Pastoral Assistants. 

Quite unexpectedly, I began receiving requests from churches to help in their search for senior pastors. Pastors who have sensed God is leading them elsewhere began calling me, asking me to assist in connecting to their next pastorate position.  That’s when I realized where the tent pegs were extending.

All our team members have served on church staffs – as senior pastor, worship pastor, music pastor, children’s pastor, youth pastor, youth music program director, children’s music program director, executive assistant to senior pastor. God put our team together one puzzle piece at a time and created a treasure of experience and wisdom through which He intended to reach every ministry placement and consultation need a church or pastor would have.

So, here I am – extending our tent pegs and embracing the expanded vision God has for Whetstone.  Every path God has taken each of me has equipped me collectively with experience, dedication and understanding that are now tools for God to use me to, in turn, extend the tent pegs of churches all over the United States and Canada.

As I expand our vision to help pair churches with the right candidates for any ministry position, my intent continues to be benefiting the ministry and mission of the local church for the sake of the Kingdom and for the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Why I Created Dwight Whitworth & Company

Regardless of doctrine or service structure, the majority of churches have:

  • People of all ages who love to sing and/or play instruments.

  • More singers/players than opportunities available. (The church has praise team and band, and those positions are already filled; There is no choir or orchestra that offers more outlets to more people; The music program does not include special music by choirs, orchestra, groups and soloists; The church has no music opportunities for children interested in music.)

  • Singers/players with more diverse music style preferences than those in the services. (Each church typically presents only one genre of music. It could be "high church" or southern gospel or traditional hymns or praise and worship. Musicians desire to be stirred to worship by the style of music that speaks to who they are.)

Whether trained or lacking training, most singers and instrumentals have these things in common.




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What We Do.


A mass choir composed of singers in the region who do not have an outlet for their talent. VOX highlights a variety of music genres in concerts throughout the year.  Groups and soloists within VOX will be featured in some of concerts. Some VOX concerts will feature well- known musical artists from a wide range of vocal genres.

WHETSTONE - Church Consultation

WHETSTONE's church consultant offers decades of experience in church music ministry to churches who want to sharpen their music department without having to add additional staffing. 


A graded children's choir program featuring songs that  children enjoy singing.  Ensembles and soloists within CANDLELIGHT will be featured during concerts.

WHETSTONE - Talent Placement

We take talent that is seeking an outlet and help them find places to present their talents. VOX and CO has created the missing connection between church and musician. Now churches have a vehicle in which to find ministry talent. 


WHETSTONE - Music Instruction

WHETSTONE offers custom vocal coaching and keyboard lessons that sharpen musical skills featuring the student's preferred musical genre. Individual voice lessons and group voice lessons are offered. WHETSTONE also helps students find outlets for their talent. We offer lessons to all ages; from children age 6 to adults.

WHETSTONE - Church Staffing Placement

WHETSTONE assists churches in finding worship leaders, pianists, organists, band members, etc.WHETSTONE searches for and vets candidates in order to connect the church with the person who meets the church's specific needs. We staff ministry jobs. We find ministry jobs for worship leaders. We personally look at resumes of candidates as well as churches. Choose us to find your next ministry job or ministry candidate. 


Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts.
— Billy Joel

I learned more about the art of singing from Dwight in one lesson than all online lessons. You need instant, supportive feedback progress and he does a fantastic job at both. The lessons get right to the point and begin moving forward from day one...
Just wanted to say thank you for ministering to our praise team. With your guidance God is forming a team that God can use to usher in His presence and further the Kingdom of God. Thank you for following the call of God and starting Dwight Whitworth and Company.
Search firms charge churches about one-third the compensation of the minister job they are helping to fill, firm executives said. Those salaries often fall between $75,000 and $125,000, which yields a fee of $25,000 to about $42,000 per search.
— http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-minister-head-hunters-met-20150904-story.html

I think it's unreasonable for a small church to have to pay $10,000-$15,000 to get someone to help them find music ministry staff.  I also think it's unreasonable for large churches to have to pay extremely excessive fees just because they have a big music staff budget.

I am ministry minded and church-budget sensitive.

Our church clients pay only for the services they receive, regardless of whether the churches are large or small.