Breaking New Ground In Music


a period of reflection or thought

Musing; a period of reflection or thought

Life to me is a challenge.  I'm a winner.  I love to win. I want to win. I must win.  I'm driven like that. I'm competitive.  Others have said I'm tenacious. 

That spirit, that drive, that motivation has made me many times successful. But it also has gotten me into a bit of a fix.  Life has risks. 

The Bible is filled with guys and girls like me. The Apostle Peter, King David, Paul and I could list a dozen more. I identify with these people.  They loved challenges; I do too. 

Interestingly enough, I'm a Leo as well. A fiery sign.  That's me. That's really who I am. 

At this point in my life, I'm loving everything. I love my family. I love my ministry business. I love living a life that I for the first time, for the very first time don't live under someone's thumb. That's freedom.  Many have no clue what that feels like. 

My house is on a hill overlooking other homes, buildings, pasture and roads.  But I view whats more in the distance; the sun coming over the mountain. In the mornings, I'll walk out there on my front porch, hot coffee in my hand, still in pj's and just admire the rising Sun.  A new day.  New adventures. New people to meet. More excitement. More fun. Great times and great memories to make. Freedom. 

I love life.