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Why People Need Outlets.

A National Congregations Study in 2012 found church choirs were on the decline in white Protestant churches across the theological spectrum.  Choirs stood strong in black Protestant congregations, where 90 percent of regular attendees say there's a choir at the main service. The same is true for 76 percent of Catholic worshippers.  But among white conservative evangelicals, only 40 percent of worshippers  hear a choir at services, down from 63 percent in 14 years.  For those who attend liberal or moderate Protestant congregations, there's a similar  slide to 50 percent in 2012, down from 78 percent in 1998.  -  ("Many church choirs are dying. Here's why" - Cathy Lynn Grossman - September 17, 2014 - http://religionnews.com/2014/09/17/many-church-choirs-dying-heres/)



Our Observations.

Regardless of doctrine or service structure, most churches will have one or more of the following: (1) People of all ages who love to sing and/or play instruments; (2) More singers/players than opportunities available; and (3) Singers/players with more diverse music style preferences than those in the services. 

Whether trained or lacking training, most singers and instrumentalists have these things in common: (1) They want to improve their musical abilities; (2) They feel fulfilled when they have an outlet for their talent; (3) They gravitate to and are moved by the genre of music they prefer; (4) Even though they love their spiritual leaders, their church, and their church family, they often leave for a church that offers an outlet for their talent; (5) Parents of talented children will often leave the church they love for a church that offers an outlet for their children's talent. 

No one should ever leave the church they love for any of these reasons.
The church doesn’t have to be the outlet.
— Dwight Whitworth


VOX is a mass choir for singers seeking an outlet. Our objective is to have 300 singers who appreciate the benefits of the choir and the added prospect of being a soloist and/or part of the breakout groups (ensembles, quintets, quartets, trios, duets).  VOX members profit from tailored vocal coaching while preparing for seasonal concerts that feature diverse musical styles and for performances with guest artists. Those who desire additional vocal training may register for solo and group vocal lessons. Please call for additional information. 



CANDLELIGHT is a 30-voice graded children's choir program featuring fun musical genres that children enjoy.  CANDLELIGHT concerts will also feature ensembles and soloists selected from CANDLELIGHT members.  CANDLELIGHT is divided into three choirs: Wick Clique (kindergarten age), Beam Team (grades 1 and 2), and Vision Division (Grades 3-5). Participation is by audition only. Please call for additional information. 


Whetstone - church consultation services

WHETSTONE offers churches a music consultant with expertise in developing all aspects of church music programs (praise teams and bands, choirs and orchestras, blended services, major productions and concerts, staffing issues, etc.).  Consultation services and fees are tailored to each church's needs, vision and budget.  Services available include assisting with staffing (locating and vetting music pastors, pianists, etc.), providing interim church music staffing, consultation regarding all aspects of music and audio/visual production; team coaching sessions; and vocal coaching.  

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Whetstone - Talent Development

WHETSTONE provides talent development in the areas of vocal and piano training for those who want to sharpen their musical skills in their preferred music genre. Vocal coaching is available for individuals and for groups. WHETSTONE does not employ the standard “cookie cutter" instruction plan, but rather tailors sessions to each individual's musical interests. We make learning personalized and enjoyable in sessions that are intense and educational.  That’s what makes WHETSTONE exclusive in its methodology of developing great talent. A benefit unique to WHETSTONE is that students will be offered assistance with connecting with outlets for their talents.  Please contact us for additional information regarding WHETSTONE Talent Development services.