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Churches are looking, but don't know where to look!


VOX and company was created to help you.  We help you find the right person you need for a worship leader, a keyboardist or other paid musician.  We make it personable.  We come to you, analyze your needs, give you consultation as to how to write a better job description, help you in the interim time with your praise team and band and save you enormous time in searching for the right person.


We know how to locate, interview and give you the tools you need to make a correct hire. Don’t make the mistake of taking forever to look for someone when we know we can fill your position prayerfully, quickly and efficiently. 


Many churches that we’ve helped have said that they didn’t know such a ministry business existed. When we were in full time music ministry we had the same problems, you do; looking under every tree and shrub looking for the right people for the right situation.


No matter if you’re big or small we can help you. 

Call us at 423.302.0745www.voxandco.com


Dwight Whitworth