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I like to play Billy Joel!

Billy Joel is one of my favorite artist for many reasons. 

  • He's fun and his music is a blast to play. 
  • He's entertaining as a vocalist/pianist.
  • Because I can play his music. 

I'm glad God made music. He made it for our enjoyment and to worship him. But there are times that I just like to do what I want to as a musician without any "don'ts."  

I'm sure Christian people like to listen, sing and play other music than just "Christian" music. I know I do.  That's  why we've created VOX the mass choir.  We will be doing more than just Christian music.  I like being my own boss. I can do what I want to musically without parameters. 

Let me share with you some things I've had to adhere to in my ministry.  But of course, when you're working for someone else you have to do what they want you to do. Here are some don'ts I had to follow. I"m not making this stuff up. 

  • No set of drums or electric guitars in the service
  • No clapping after each song
  • No music except what Jerry Falwell does
  • no soundtracks
  • no minor keys, they are of the devil
  • no music that emphasizes beats 2 and 4; that's of the devil too. 
  • Don't sing any Brooklyn Tabernacle Songs. It causes people to raise their hands.

I'm starting an adult mass choir (VOX) for those who don't have the opportunity to sing in a choir (some churches and communities don't have them).  But in this choir, we are going to do all kinds of music. A lot will be Christian music, but we will do music you listen to when you're out of church and you turn on your car radio, when you work out at your gym or just whenever. 

We are going to do every kind imaginable. Hillsong, Bethel, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Classic Rock, Blue Grass, Pentecostal, Urban Gospel; you name it (except rap) we are going to do it. It's going to be a great choir.  It's going to be a bonding choir.  

I can't wait to hear the choir do, "She's got a way about her." 

I like Billy Joel. 



Dwight Whitworth