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Truth. Sincerity. Honesty. Heart. All Worship

I know churches. I've worked in them from 6,000 plus and on down. One thing I have learned is that, "People are people, especially Christians."  That's the same when it comes to worship. From the platform to the pew.  Some will vigorously disagree with me and that's ok.  

People sing songs more than worship. True.  Think about that before you react. 

But we want worshippers to understand that freedom in worship exists only when truth, sincerity, honesty and heart are all coming together as one. 

Jesus said you must worship Him in, "Spirit and in truth." Same thing. Being honest with yourself and God; similtaneously.  It's freeing and organic. 

The song must drill deeper than that brain.  It's got to find the heart. 

God's not listening for great songs, He's looking for worshipping hearts!


Dwight Whitworth